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Matelots sing-a-long lyrics, The Lobster Song

Song disclaimer

Because of the very nature of these songs, the lyrics must be locked away in the member's section so as not to offend the casual surfer, or any member who may be offended by such language.

The Lobster Song

Oh Mister fisherman, home from the sea
Have you a lobster you can sell to me

Oh yes Sir, Yes Sir I have two,
The biggest of the bastards I will sell to you.

Chorus :
Singing, Row tiddley oh, shit or bust
Never let your bollocks dangle in the dust

Well I took the lobster home,
but I couldn't find a dish
So I put it in the place where me missus has a piss

Chorus :
Singing, Row tiddley oh, etc

In the middle of the night, the missus had a fright
There was the lobster hanging from her kyte

Chorus :
Singing, Row tiddley oh, etc

Well I grabbed a squeegee and she grabbed a broom
We chased the fucking lobster round and round the room

Chorus :
Singing, Row tiddley oh, etc

We hit it on the head, we hit it on the side
We hit the fucking lobster 'til the bastard died

Chorus :
Singing, Row tiddley oh, etc

There's a moral to my story, the moral is this
Always have a shufti before you have a piss

Chorus :
Singing, Row tiddley oh, etc

That's the end of my story, there isn't any more
There's an apple up me asshole, you can have the core

Chorus :
Singing, Row tiddley oh,etc

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